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Notice me Senpai... by underbust
Notice me Senpai...
Just an old throwback to a photoshoot I did on Okinawa. I always loved these photos. I felt like the chunky shy girl that you see in so many animes. ^_^
More photos from that set are available on my website:
If you're interested in early youtube access and exclusive photos please check out my Patreon:
Princess Survivor by underbust
Princess Survivor
Mary, a close friend of mine got together a group of Disney Princess X Walking Dead survivor cosplays, and here's my input. Princess Jasmine was always my favourite as a child. =) 

Check out the full set here:…
Buy the limited edition print here:
Super Mary Face by underbust
Super Mary Face
I've been drawing more for random stress release the last few weeks, and this piece was mostly drawn to mess with a bunch of things I've never done before. 
It's a drawing of my awesome friend Super Mary Face. She's a wonderful babe. <3 Go check her out:
New Watermark/icon by underbust
New Watermark/icon
So- my old watermark, whilst TRULY AMAZING! <3 Was a bit too mature feeling for my newer content. It was made by an amazing porn artist (BNG) so it makes sense! <3

But I decided to try and make myself something... Since it's my own art, I feel like I'm going to hate it and not use it for long. I hope that's not the case, because I think it's pretty alright. 

Wanted to keep the bunny theme. What does everyone think? 
Stacked by underbust
Hey my Plunderbunnies!

I re-opened my print store now that I'm settled in Las vegas- this is one of the prints now available in limited quantity! <3 

Find me elsewhere on the Internet: 

If anybody's interested, you can pick up some of my photos in limited edition, signed and smooched by yours truly! <3


underbust's Profile Picture
Penny Brown
Hi all! My breasts are a 36 O, now you don't have to ask. =)
Also so you don't feel the need to ask (you will anyway.) My boobs are fake. In that they are surgically augmented.
I do not photoshop my body in my photos. I don't really think that is sexy, personally. Nothing against those that do, I'd never begin to tell you what's okay for you to like, just please don't tell me what to do, and we'll get along just fine.
My name's Penny, and you may call me that if you'd like, though Underbust is just fine. =p
Here are some more places that you can follow me if you'd like:

If you'd like to talk to me about commissions, please send me a note.
There are no photos of my bare boobs, nor will I take any. Reason? I don't want to. Be a gentleman and just don't ask. It's rude.
I don't do nudes, so please don't ask. You're just earning your note an immediate trip to the dump. =p


I'd really appreciate it if you kept your comments rated PG-13. I know that my stuff is not
exactly child friendly, it's just that I am married, and I could not be less interested in your
junk. Be it lady junk, or dude junk. Keep that junk in your pants when sending me a message. Obviously
I can't stop you from sending what you want, it's just another fast way to send your note/message to the dump. =p


Please do not ask me to add you to a chat program, or facebook. I have way too many followers.
You understand that if I did that, I would immediately stop signing in to whatever chat program
I gave to people, because of the influx of messages I'd get every time I sat at my computer.
Obviously I'm still going to get requests, because this sort of thing happens all the time in spite of me having
had this written here all along, so just be aware that I will delete those notes/messages too.


A little about me: I'm a plus sized fetish model, I'm Australian, I'm pretty friendly most of the time,
and I like video games. That sort of sums it all up. =p


<3 Penny

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roxasth3nobody Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I Got a idea for a character you should do. If you ever hear of a series called RWBY, You would be perfect for either Yang Xiao Long or Glynda Goodwitch
Jurrisek Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hey, I just want to say, well it´s not ordinary in my country, but I very like your shape, you are very pretty...naturaly. Bad is, that I will never meet you here. So vish you best for your life a for your job-hobby. Keep it up. Sending greetings from Czech republic.
Woodywood03c Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Penny, what's up?
Lindsay-Safife Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I find you an amazing girl. Sure you hear that a lot but that is probebly oversexed guys lusting your body.
What I personally find most amazing about you is your personality. You know what you want, you know what you don't want and you stand by it all. You have been asked countles times to go topless....and you won't. I've seen way to many girls do anything that is asked to them just to get more populair.

Stay yourself!!!
Morse772 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 4, 2015
Why don't you add pictures anymore?
underbust Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015
Because- and this comes from someone who post a lot on youtube- the worst comments that I get are on DA, and it killed any desire to work with this website at all. I still post every now and then, but the toxic nature of this community mixed with the staff's complete disinterest in policing things that would send someone to jail if said in person has scared me off. 
simpleswede Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
Hey Penny, are you going to be on Botched? I just saw a picture of you from that show.

What made you decide to go on it? After that stupid Jessica Rabbit video I figured you wanted
to keep a low profile.
underbust Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
I can't legally talk about some of the things I'd like to say. ;) I just hope you remember that reality TV is heavily edited. I do wonder how I'll come off though... 

Sadly I need to do this sort of stuff to get publicity. Publicity is what makes or breaks you with the industry I'm in. e_e;;
simpleswede Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015
Okeedokee, hush hush hush ;) Good luck to you, I'll be sure to tune in.

Wait, what industry is that exactly? Cosplay? Fetish modelling?
underbust Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015
Internet fame I guess. It's vague. I do everything. 
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