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Stacked by underbust
Hey my Plunderbunnies!

I re-opened my print store now that I'm settled in Las vegas- this is one of the prints now available in limited quantity! <3 

Find me elsewhere on the Internet: 

Shyflutters by underbust
Since the last one I uploaded is still on the front page- I don't expect this to get very popular- but here's another from my fluttershy set. ^_^
I really had a wonderful day taking these photos. She's an adorable character, and whilst I've overcome a lot of my social anxiety- I have suffered extremely with it in the past- so I sympathize with her character a great deal. 

You can find some more photos from this set on my website:

and you can find the full set on my Patreon:
<3 Yaaay~
Fluttershy by underbust
Oh- Just cosplaying a yellow Pegasus pony from some unpopular show. You've probably never heard of her. ;) 
You can grab the limited edition print here:
You can find some more photos from this set on my website:
and you can find the full set on my Patreon:
<3 Yaaay~
If anybody's interested, you can pick up some of my photos in limited edition, signed and smooched by yours truly! <3


underbust's Profile Picture
Penny Brown
Hi all! My breasts are a 36 O, now you don't have to ask. =)
Also so you don't feel the need to ask (you will anyway.) My boobs are fake. In that they are surgically augmented.
I do not photoshop my body in my photos. I don't really think that is sexy, personally. Nothing against those that do, I'd never begin to tell you what's okay for you to like, just please don't tell me what to do, and we'll get along just fine.
My name's Penny, and you may call me that if you'd like, though Underbust is just fine. =p
Here are some more places that you can follow me if you'd like:

If you'd like to talk to me about commissions, please send me a note.
There are no photos of my bare boobs, nor will I take any. Reason? I don't want to. Be a gentleman and just don't ask. It's rude.
I don't do nudes, so please don't ask. You're just earning your note an immediate trip to the dump. =p


I'd really appreciate it if you kept your comments rated PG-13. I know that my stuff is not
exactly child friendly, it's just that I am married, and I could not be less interested in your
junk. Be it lady junk, or dude junk. Keep that junk in your pants when sending me a message. Obviously
I can't stop you from sending what you want, it's just another fast way to send your note/message to the dump. =p


Please do not ask me to add you to a chat program, or facebook. I have way too many followers.
You understand that if I did that, I would immediately stop signing in to whatever chat program
I gave to people, because of the influx of messages I'd get every time I sat at my computer.
Obviously I'm still going to get requests, because this sort of thing happens all the time in spite of me having
had this written here all along, so just be aware that I will delete those notes/messages too.


A little about me: I'm a plus sized fetish model, I'm Australian, I'm pretty friendly most of the time,
and I like video games. That sort of sums it all up. =p


<3 Penny

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Elisiwis Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Student General Artist
You are very Pretty!!!*-*
rogerogerson Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
We hope your are not enraged,
but we remix your "Flex" older image, into a Meme-ready poster... (overlay/superimpose ala decoupage meme poster)
for free to all people, as Penny must to be shared!
 for the lolz,
it already somewhat become viral as a tag in TF2, ST:O etc -
people can to write "score +1 for l'femmes"
"Anything you can do, we can do better" etc...
"So mad with you, could hit you... BUT WON'T!"
"Why are they called "Hero Curl", if I'm a heroine?"
"Oh noes, looks like you've been <<strong-armed>> again..."
"Such a n00b; |lady-gamer| beats you with one arm tied behind back"

Femme-gamer really respond to your work - so, maybe you can to make some more inspirational meme content of yourself?
Bonne chance, and although we follow to the letter the CCA et guideline for to remix,
if you have some reservation about the quality of your image/visage etc...
do not hesitate to email/inbox RogeRogerson, and someone from the team will to rectify.

It is the mind behind the eyes, this j'ne sais quoi, quand...
these special complexity to the eye, more than merely good diet which make the eye shine - you look at the camera, and there is a fire, some intellect there.
It is a beauty which transcend the physical form - which, while beautiful, is but a shell for the inner beauty of "you", which leak out via physical you... if I am not Magritte too much...

Merci beaucoup, grande encore!
Votre visage a une présence inspirante,
et il fait un mème virale sur webgaming ligne.
Si vous souhaitez explorer chose semblable, poses de puissance, etc., peuvent faire d'excellents meme.
nous espérons que vous prendrez notre remix dans le bon amusement - bonne chance faisant arts plus inspirants, et debout à la FemFreq. foule etc ...
subvertissant et en utilisant cette dynamique, et en transcendant les limites que vous démontrez beauté vient dans toutes sortes de forme.

Tu es une grande inspiration -
le pro-méritocratie et pro-équité des Mana Bar discours / apparences,
défense du marché ala les circuits de convension ...

vous devez partager votre écriture - votre voix talent / voix-off,
vous avez à partager vos livres ...,
vos idées -
pourquoi est-il pas déjà commandé ou fait de vous un modèle 3D?
pourquoi pas un concours de vos fans à faire un vous numérique, hein?

Que diriez-vous en tant que "Kunoichi" ala "Manyuu Hickenchou"? (<- forgive me my 'romaji', it is gaijin waponese, worst than some creole, or mine anglais)
Samus Aran ala underbust?
She Hulk/Caitlin Fairchild?
Underbust is 'Tank Girl'?

texture différente de Penny, certains opaque en plastique,
certains camouflage ...
aluminium foilage,
clingwraps, hijab/burka ala chiffon?

Toute chance d'un hommage «violette Beauregarde '?

Toute chance d'une «mémoire»?
un roman d'apprentissage?/ala bildungsroman de la "Underbust"?
certains de vos fictions et les arts?
De même, votre exégèse critique et certains discours, en particulier dans l'esthétique, les rôles de genre, et à terme de prospective ... ce serait excellent pour voir.
hamis-autostop Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Deviant_ART_. Where is art? Just a lots of picture of yourself. This is boring. You are really pretty (I think the bigger is the better) and creative, but this is boring. (Sorry for my english.)
underbust Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
Modelling is art hun. Lots of pictures of myself is art. You don't have to like it- that's how art works. But if you really have a problem with the abuse of this website I'd start with the people that upload screenshots or other people's work.
Tovrin Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
amusing, she says you are creative and pretty, but its not art and its boring. creative and pretty i what i look for in a model, especially one who works so hard to maintain variety.

you are very pretty and quite creative. my wife is a professional body painter, her art is creative on pretty girls. she makes beautiful art.
IS831fan9 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hello! I love your work and cosplay, and you are a very beautiful young lady! I saw someone else in the comments mention a Rose Quartz cosplay, and I personally think it would be amazing! You would make a beautiful Rose Quartz!
beachhead1973 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
Hey Penny, hope you're doing good.
N7Vega Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  New Deviant Professional General Artist
Do a Pochako's cosplay
TheStippleBrony Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Any plans to do a Rose Quartz photo shoot?
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